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Massachusetts INSTITUTE of TEchnology (MIT)

iGem Giant Jamboree
2017, 2018 & 2019

Since 2017 we’ve had the opportunity to be the General Contracting for the iGem Jamboree event. The Jamboree is an international show that is held over a 4 day period at the Hynes Convention Center. The event is held on three levels of the Hynes and requires: registration area, multiple hospitality event setups, trade show booths, directional signage & other event decor.  


Florida Department of Agriculture

SEafood Expo North America

The Florida 20x100 (2000 sq ft) pavilion is one of 40+ corporations that CorpEvents NE supports at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston. 

The Florida exhibit featured a full service kitchen station including running hot & cold water to support over 12+ Floridian companies whom were marketing their fresh seafood to over 20,000 attendees. 

OCean Spray

OUtdoor display

“Around the Boston area, the name Bob Dobinski is synonymous with I&D (installation and dismantle). President of Corp-Events New England, Dobinski has offered quality service for local and national companies exhibiting in the city for more than 30 Years.” –  Zeenath Haniff, Exhibit City News 

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